Ultimatum Deadline Short Action
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Ultimatum Deadline Short Action

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Introductory pricing available until the end of November 2017.

The Ultimatum Deadline action has a Remington 700 short action footprint (Some adjustments might be required. Visit our FAQ section to get more information regarding the R700 footprint here). It takes savage small shank pre-fit type barrels (1-1/16x20tpi). 

Current lead times:

  • Short action: 10 weeks
  Sturdy Rear Tang
A sturdy rear tang ensures that the action is seated properly in the chassis/stock and that the action remains as stiff and true as possible. This helps to maintain accuracy.
20MOA Picatinny Rail
The 20MOA scope rail provides an appropriate base for your optics. Using the STANAG 4694 standard, it is compatible with many mounts. The 6 #8-40 mounting screws and 2 dowel pins ensure that the rail never moves due to recoil, keeping your zero constant.
Minimal Ejection Port
The action uses a minimally sized ejection port in order to maximize the strength and stiffness.
Removable Floating 3 Lug Bolt Head
The floating bolt head design ensures that the bolt face is always perfectly aligned with the axis of the barrel, further helping accuracy. The bolt head is also removable and replaceable meaning that caliber changes are made easy and quick. It comes standard with our dual ejector system.
4340 Steel Construction with Liquid Hard Nitride Coating
4340 HTSR steel is used for the action housing. The hard nitride improves wear, corrosion and chemical resistance. Surface hardness is also improved with the hard nitride finish. 
Gas Blocking Shroud with Anti-rotational Lock System
The shroud to action housing fitment acts as a "wall", restricting any residual blow-back gases. The notch at the top of the bolt shroud locks rotational forces during cocking, minimizing friction to allow a lighter bolt lift. 
1-1/16″ x 20 Barrel Threads
The Ultimatum Action uses a 1-1/16″ x 20 threads. It is designed to accept savage prefit small shank barrels. A Barrel machined to proper specs can also be mounted in a similar manner to the remington 700 setup. 
Integral Recoil Lug
The recoil lug is machined into the action to maximize strength and to provide additional thread interface to the barrel. It is 5/16" thick. 
AICS and AW magazine compatible
The feed port was designed to accept AICS and AW style magazines. 
Remington 700 Trigger Interface
With a Remington 700 trigger interface, many trigger options are available.
60 Degree Bolt Throw
With a 3 lug design, the bolt throw can be kept to 60 degrees, ensuring quick operation.
Battery Safety
The firing pin can only protrude the bolt face if the lugs are locked and in battery. This safety mechanism ensures that if the bolt head is not properly installed, the rifle does not fire.