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Ultimatum Precision Inc. manufacturer of precision bolt actions is very proud to announce the arrival of our new Elite Long Range Competition Rimfire Action, Deuce!

The Ultimatum Deuce is designed with long range accuracy in mind, for those of you wanting to shoot 350 Yards+ with a rimfire, look no further than the Deuce to help get you WAY out there, and get those long distance hits, consistently!

Available as a barreled action, the Deuce features:


  • Remington 700 Footprint*
  • Controlled Round Feed operation
  • Currently compatible with Vudoo magazines
  • Rear locking 3 Lug bolt with an ultra smooth and balanced 60° bolt throw
  • IBI Olympic Grade Match Barrel, with barrel nut and Inverted Cone Breech Design. 
  • Proprietary DEUCE barrel contour with heavy muzzle, maintaining radial tension to ensure optimal accuracy.
  • User adjustable headspace to optimize performance with your ammunition
  • Adjustable firing pin protrusion to compliment the adjustable headspace. Once the pin protrusion is properly set, it allows the Deuce to be a dryfire safe rimfire action. 
  • 6 O’clock firing pin location with chiselled tip firing pin, important for consistent rimfire ignition. 
  • Integrated recoil lug
  • 20 MOA rail standard, attached with (4) #8x40 Torx and (1) Stainless dowel pin
  • Accepts Rem 700 Pattern triggers using trigger hanger
  • Liquid Hard Nitride finish

* = Fits Remington 700 inlet stocks and chassis, but SOME slight inletting to clear the trigger hanger might be required, depending on the model of stock or chassis used.