Do you have a 338 Lapua Mag. action?

We are working on a 338LM action. We will have more information and specifications spring 2018.

Will your action work with AW style Magazines?

The new Deadline action works with AW magazines. It also feeds from AICS style magazines. Note that depending on the chassis/stock you are using, magazine latch length will need to be different for AICS magazines and AW magazines. If you plan on using both magazines, you will want to get an extra magazine latch from the manufacturer of your stock/chassis. 

Will the Deadline fit my aftermarket remington 700 chassis/stock?

It will. Depending on the chassis/stock/bottom metal, some small adjustments might be needed:
1-We use a trigger hanger; your trigger will sit 1mm lower. Therefore, inletting might be required to set proper clearance around the trigger/safety. 
2-The bolt body on our action is larger than the one on a R700. The magazine catch will need to be shortened to let the magazine sit at the proper height. A chassis using AR-15 buttstocks might need additional clearance on the portion behind the rear tang.

3-The rear action screw will most likely need to be slightly trimmed to clear the sear when the bolt is cycled back. 

4-Some chassis or stocks might need the recoil lug pocket enlarged to accept our 5/16" thick recoil lug.

Does the Deadline action only work with a barrel nut?

No. The barrel nut is meant to be used with pre-fit barrels. A barrel can be mounted without a barrel nut, in which case it needs to be machined properly for the action (threaded and chambered). Always get a qualified gunsmith to do the work for you.

Will a Savage barrel nut wrench work on your barrel nut?

It will not. Our barrel nut was designed to be used with our barrel nut wrench.

Are the barrel threads on the Deadline Savage small shank or large shank?

They are Savage small shank (1-1/16"x20tpi)

Which chassis and stock manufacturers make an inlet for the deadline?

MDT makes a drop-in inlet for both the ESS and the LSS gen 2.

XLR industries makes an inlet for most their chassis.