DeFacto Barreled Action w/ TriggerTech Trigger *PRE-SALE* 50% DEPOSIT

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**PLEASE NOTE** This is only the DEPOSIT on a DeFacto barreled action. The remaining $500.00 USD will be charged before final shipping of your order. The total price is $999.99 USD for DeFacto Barreled action WITH trigger.


Ultimatum Precision Inc. is proud to introduce a new center-fire precision bolt action system aimed at affordability and OEM’s!

The DeFacto is a high quality, smooth, and accurate custom barreled action, minus the high price tag. By focusing on the functional attributes of our Deadline actions we were able to keep the production costs down, in order to deliver a performance based barreled action, featuring a match grade barrel AND a TriggerTech 2.5 to 4.5 lb adjustable trigger at a very affordable price!

The DeFacto features:

  • Tikka T3 Footprint*
  • 416R Stainless Steel Action Housing
  • 4140 HTSR Alloy steel bolt, with black liquid nitride finish
  • TriggerTech M700 pattern trigger, adjustable 2.5 to 4.5lb pull weight
  • Proprietary IBI Match grade 416R stainless barrel
  • Muzzle threaded ⅝” x 24 TPI
  • 3 lug bolt with a smooth 60° throw
  • Dual ejectors for reliable ejection
  • AICS Short and Long (3.715”) magazine compatible
  • AW Double stack short action magazine compatible
  • Removable magazine adapter block, to allow the use of both Long and Short action magazines in the same action
  • 20 MOA rail standard, attached with (4) #8x40 Torx screws and (1) Stainless dowel pin
  • Liquid Hard Nitride finish on bolt body

* = Slight modifications required in standard Tikka T3 inlet stocks or chassis to accommodate the Remington 700 style trigger and safety. We are currently working with manufacturers for a DeFacto inlet, so drop-in stock and chassis option will be available in the near future.